Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Domestic Rules

1. Given recipes must be strictly adhered to; own recipes should be used for all other classes.


2. Jam, marmalade and chutney should be presented in a plain glass jar which is not commercially marked or stamped. The jar should be filled to the top and clearly labelled with contents and date.  Screw tops are allowed on chutney jars but not on jam or marmalade jars.


3. Ideally wine is presented in clear bottles with flanged corks.


4. Home brewed beers to be presented in glass bottles, preferably, but not necessarily, of the traditional screw top flagon type. Neither the glass nor the stopper shall be commercially marked or stamped.


5. In the Handicraft/Creative Hobbies classes every process must have been the work of the competitor unless otherwise permitted in the schedule.

      Only amateurs may enter the Hobbies classes


6. If any entry is of an original design this should be stated on the article.


7. Entries in all classes should not have won a prize at the Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show at any time.


8. All photographic entries must have been photographed by the exhibitor and can be colour or black and white.

      Only amateurs may enter the Photographic classes


9. Photographs must be mounted on card not paper.


10. Photographs should NOT be mounted behind glass or perspex and should not be more than A4 size including mount.


11. Please inform us if articles need special staging due to size.


12. Classes open to all men, women and children unless otherwise stated.


13.   Non-compliance with the specifications of classes in respect of numbers or nature of exhibits or size of containers will involve disqualification.


The Committee’s decision on all points arising from the Rules shall be final.


Domestic/Handicraft Section Exhibitors Please Note:

Whilst every care is taken to safeguard exhibits, the Committee cannot be responsible for any loss or damage. Please bear this in mind if you are considering entering any particular fragile or precious exhibit.