Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Horticulture Classes & Awards




1     Collection of 3 types of vegetables from a list of 15 – on a tray or area of 450mm x 600mm.

      Full rules can be found here

2     Broad beans, 6 pods

3     Runner beans, 6 pods

4*    French beans (dwarf or climbing), 6 pods

5     Cauliflower, not less than 75mm stem, 2 heads

6     Cabbage, not less than 75mm stem, 2 heads

7     Carrots, 3, stump rooted, not more than 75mm leaf stalk

8     Carrots, 3, long, not more than 75mm leaf stalk

9     Beetroot, 3, globe with not more than 75mm leaf stalk

10   Beetroot, 3 cylindrical or long with no more than 75mm leaf stalk

11*  Peas, 6 pods

12   Mange tout or sugar snap peas, 6 pods of either

13   Lettuce, 2 matching heads with roots, any variety

14   Bunch of 12 radishes (roots and leaves to be left on)

15*  Potatoes (white), 5

16*  Potatoes (coloured), 5

17   Onions, 3 (roots and foliage trimmed)

18   Garlic, 3 bulbs, not segmented

19*  Shallots (pickling), 9, to pass through 30mm ring

20*  Shallots (excluding pickling), 9

21   Spinach, 3 bunches, 5 leaves to each bunch

22   Pair of marrows, for table use not more than 380mm long

23   Courgettes, 4, 100-150mm in length

24   Rhubarb, 3 sticks (as pulled but leaf trimmed to 75mm in length)

25*  Collection of fresh herbs, for culinary use, 4 distinct kinds (named) in separate vases

26   Collection of vegetables, 4 kinds, 1 of each kind

27   Any other vegetable not listed in schedule – 2 different entries allowed




28   Any root vegetable (3 of same variety)

29   Any non-root vegetable (3 of same variety)

30   Plate (12 inch maximum diameter) of one or more kind(s) of fruit.  

      (Quantities of fruits exhibited to be as detailed in the fruit section below)




31*  Blackcurrants, 8 striggs (bunches)

32*  Red or white currants, 8 striggs (bunches)

33*  Gooseberries, 12, with stalks

34*  Raspberries, 12, with stalks

35*  Blackberries and their hybrids (tayberries, loganberries, etc.), 12, with stalks

36*  Strawberries, 7, with stalks

37   Plate of mixed soft fruit (not stoned fruit), 3 distinctive kinds. Fruits will be judged on quality and presentation.

      (Quantities of fruits exhibited to be as detailed in the fruit section).

38   Plate of any other type of soft fruit (not stoned). Name of fruit to be stated

39   Plate (12 inch maximum diameter) of any stoned fruit (minimum 6, maximum 15)

Exhibits shown in classes marked * to be displayed on paper plates or vases, as supplied by the Horticultural sub-committee at time of exhibit staging.  Where necessary, sand will also be supplied.