Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Junior Classes


200  A picture in any medium (not a collage) – Handprint Rainbows

201  A collage on a paper plate – Animal Masks

202  A model in any medium – Mini Beasts



203  A picture in any medium (not a collage) – Self Portrait

204  A collage – A Tree in Blossom

205  A decorated shaker (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)


Years 1 and 2

206  A picture in any medium (not a collage) – The Circus (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

207  A collage – A Chinese Dragon

208  'Where Painting meets poetry', use art as your stimulus, 'Tiger in a storm' painting by Rousseau (See Junior rules page).  (Palmer Prize Entry)

209  Best handwriting with an illustrated border  - First 2 verses of 'I would like to teach the world to sing'

210  Cookery –  Creative Biscuits

211  A Lego model - Based on a TV Show or Movie (not from a kit)

212  A decorated fan (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)


Years 3 and 4

213  A picture in any medium  (not a collage) – Recreate a famous painting of your own choice (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

214  Photography - A photograph that begains with the letter A and titled

215  A painted wooden spoon

216  Make a musical instrument (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

217  A paper mache model - Tribal Mask (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

218  A Lego model - A famous building or landmark (not from a kit)

219  Cookery -  Cheese Scones

220  A Acrostic poem - 'Artistic' (a poem in which the first letter in each line spells out a title) (Palmer Prize Entry)

221  Celebrate the Arts - written in calligraphy

222    A flower display in a recycled container


Years 5 and 6  

223  A picture in any medium - Any style of graffiti street art

224  Photography – Beautiful Landscapes

225 A photograph – The art of nature

226 A creative/craft hobby (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

227 A model (not from a kit) Totem Pole (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

228  An poem entitled 'Art for Art's sake' (Palmer Prize Entry)

229  Cookery - An unusual creative muffin

230  Creative writing - 'When I am famous...' based on the quote 'In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes',

         Andy Warhol or use art as your stimulus - 'The Gulf stream' by Homer (max size A4 one side)

231  An artistic flower or foliage display

232  Origami


Years 7 to 10

233  Photography – open class of any photo taken by the exhibitor

234  A photograph - Celebrate the arts

235  A picture in any meduim (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

236  Cookery – A slice of vegtable cake (e.g. carrot, courgette etc.)

237  A creative hobby  (Johnson Creativity Prize Entry)

238  Celebrate the Arts - Written in calligraphy



Other classes for young people can be found in the Horticultural Section

This year's theme is "Celebrate the Arts"

15p per entry

Prizes :  1st  £1.50       2nd  £1.00       3rd  50p

Tiger Gulf Stream theater shakers