Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Rules for Floral Arrangements

1. An exhibit is composed of natural plant material, with or without accessories, contained within a space as specified in the Show Schedule. Backgrounds, bases, containers, drapes, exhibit titles and mechanics may always be included in an exhibit, unless otherwise stated. More than one placement may always be included, unless otherwise stated. In all exhibits natural plant material should dominate.


2. Fresh plant material should have the cut ends of stems or roots in water or water retaining material.


EXCEPTIONS: Air plants, cacti, fruits, grass turf, lichen, moss, succulents, vegetables and long lasting plant material (including string fibrous stems) which will remain turgid for the duration of the show.


3. Aids to hold plant material in place are allowed but should not be seen.


4. Driftwood is natural wood which has been weathered by the natural elements (air, earth, fire or water).


5. Exhibitors should take into account space permitted, and leave at least 25mm of space either side of exhibit. Points will be lost if arrangements are too small for small space.


6.    All exhibits should be assembled at the Show.



Floral Arrangements generously sponsored by Graham Turner Family Butcher of Pyrford, supplier of High Welfare free range meats, home cured bacon and hams.


3 Marshall Parade, Coldharbour Road, Pyrford

01932 352232