Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Rules Top Tray (Class no. 1)

1.   The Top Tray class is for a collection of three types of vegetable from the following list of fifteen. The quantity of each vegetable required for the collection is given in brackets.


Carrots (3), Cauliflowers (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3), Peas (6 pods), Potatoes (3), Runner Beans (6 pods), Tomatoes (6), French Beans (6 pods), Sweetcorn (2), Peppers (3), Cucumbers (2), Courgettes (3), Red Beet (3), Aubergines (2).


Each type of vegetable will be judged to a total of 20 points. This is split into three sections as follows: 7 points for size, shape and colour, 7 points for condition, 6 points for uniformity. The overall mark will therefore be out of a total of 60.


2.   All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area measuring 45 x 60cm, without bending any part of them. No part of an exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board measuring 45 x 60cm can be used to display the vegetables, or the area can simply be marked on the staging. Where a tray has a lip or edge, the internal measurements must not exceed 45 x 60cm.  


3.   A black cloth is permitted, and the tray may be painted. Parsley is allowed for garnishing, but no other foliage or accessories, such as plates, sand or rings will be allowed. Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string.



Notes for exhibitors and judges:


The tray, board or staging must not be cut or mutilated in any way at all. e.g. cutting holes for standing onions in.  


Carrots and parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 7.5cm long.  Peas and beans must be displayed with some stalk attached.


Tomatoes must be displayed with calyces (the green flower bud case).


Judges may handle exhibits, open pods and so on to check for quality.


The points awarded should be clearly marked by the Judges on the exhibitors cards.


Any queries that may arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to, and decided by, the show officials.


Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in disqualification.