Pyrford & Wisley Flower Show

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Horticulture - Special Rules for Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers

1. Read Schedule carefully, noting particularly the section in which you intend to compete.

2. Note the number and specification of items to be shown in each class, including size of container; non compliance will lead to disqualification.

3. Exhibits will be judged by their qualities and not their size. Uniformity in size is important.

4. All vegetables should be properly presented and cleaned for exhibition. While roots should be very carefully washed, in no circumstances should oil or any similar substance be used.

5. In all classes where cut material is shown, all stems must reach the water in the vase or receptacle. Vases and plates etc. must be provided by exhibitors, unless otherwise stated.

6. The diameter of a Plant Pot or Pan is the INSIDE measurement made as near the top as possible. A vase must be taller than it is wide at its widest point.



NOTE : It follows that all exhibits in the Horticultural classes should be entered in the name of the owner of the garden from which the exhibit came, and he/she should sign the entry form in the place for exhibitor's signature.  Exhibits staged by a professional gardener, but belonging to his employer, should be entered in the employer's name.